Call of Saregnar

We are all pawns in the hands of the great weavers.

The village of Avanmoor sleeps uneasily as people start disappearing and their lord is mysteriously murdered in his chambers at night. An unlikely party – a dutiful knight, an auspicious student of magic and his roguish friend – couldn’t possibly imagine that a quest to find the baron’s assassin would lead them in the middle of a battle between gods.

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'90s Old-School Looks

Call of Saregnar features a ’90s-inspired low-poly 3D look with detailed handcrafted textures, while the characters you encounter are made of thousands of frames of real photographed actors!

A Believable World

Saregnar lets you role-play through a deep and engaging story filled with murder, mystery, intrigue and suspense. The world is an original fantasy setting inspired by a range of historical nations. You’ll be pleased to find that giant rats and slimes have been evicted from this universe.

Grey Matter(s)

CoS challenges you to think and pay close attention to everything you read, because often that’s the only way to complete sidequests or even main objectives. There are no quest markers or objectives, but there is a handy quest log recording all your past conversations and actions.

Prepare for The Journey

Be sure to prepare for the journey ahead; Food, a good pair of boots, also blankets for those cold nights are essential. Also take care of your weapons regularly by oiling the bowstrings, sharpen the blades, and fix those dents in your armor. Preparation is the key for survival.

Freedom to Explore

Despite being a story-driven RPG, the world is always open for exploration, so there is nothing stopping you from exploring the world’s many locations and secrets!

Character Development

While your characters’ attributes rarely change, their skills advance on a per-use basis. Skills can also be learned from a trainer or by reading a book.

Hand-Placed Encounters

In a land as rich as Merrentar, you will run into enemy ambushes, discover unique places, meet traveling merchants or bandits, perhaps wild creatures, a set of game tracks… all of these events are carefully hand-placed for the best possible experience.

Tactical Combat

Battle through groups of varied enemies in tactical turn-based hex-grid combat. Take your time and evaluate each enemy for the best tactical winning strategy.

Magic From The Gods

There are 12 gods to please and gain their favor, each god being a source of unique magic spells. To gain divine favor, pray and give offerings in the form of money, food or other valuables, but mind you, not every deity can be easily pleased.

Magic, spellcasting


Although the game has fewer items than the average RPG, we’ve taken the time with each end every piece, designing it to be detailed and really fleshed out. Finding new equipment now brings significant benefits, as the difference between the old and new is now truly felt.

A Nostalgic Soundtrack

Saregnar features a fantastic orchestral soundtrack that will delight your ears throughout the adventure.

Inspired by The Classics

Call of Saregnar is greatly inspired by the classic RPG Betrayal at Krondor, while also taking hints from Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall, Might & Magic VI, RoA: Star Trail and other titles of the ’90s.